Trading Of Construction Materials


A business conglomerate, Capshare Impex Pvt. Ltd is the corporate subsidiary of the world-acclaimed Sun Power Group and addresses the needs of businesses and industrial sectors with building construction and maintenance equipment, viz. Cement and Concrete (Masonry supplies), Steel/Roofing Materials, Glass and other industrial goods.

Capshare Impex, with the pedigree cement brand, ‘Maha Rashtra’, well known for strength and durability, has been creating raves in the market, already. Committed to manufacturing superior quality cements, concrete and other construction materials and supplies, by adhering to the manufacturing standards – Capshare has been helping businesses globally with plethora of real estate development projects.

Trading Of Oil And Allied Products

A subsidiary business of the Sun Power Group, the Sun Power Oil and Lubricant Co. (LLC/Limited Liability Company) addresses the Oil & allied products’ requirements of companies, worldwide. From trading Petroleum, Gas and Oil, to supply of different industrial fuels and products, Sun Power Oil and Lubrication Company, through the ‘customer-focused’ approach ensures that the businesses and industries across the orb are being served in the best manner possible AND that they get value for money, in everything.

With no compromise on the product and service quality and by adhering to the industrial standards and norms, Sun Power Oil and Lubricant Company always ascertains that they not only serve businesses with Petroleum, Oil and Gas products but even contribute towards creating a green world, for the community and the Environment.


Export And Import Of Steel


Indiana Steel Corporation is one of the prominent names in the manufacturing, trade and supply of steel, allied metals and other industrial goods. From mild, medium-carbon, to high-carbon steel manufacturing and supplies, the Indiana Steel Corporation is the one-stop-solution for all the steel and allied-product requirements of businesses.

We have been trading the steel and allied industrial metals for years now and is one of the most trusted steel suppliers/traders, in the worldwide market, today. From commercial transportation, distribution to other import/export aspects of steel, the company is actively involved in everything and has even carved a niche in the market for everyone to see.

Export And Import Of Glass

From manufacturing different glasses and packaging materials, to distribution, export and other aspects, We ascertains that the glass manufacturing process adheres to the highest quality standard and that the products are supplied/traded on a real-time basis, to the utmost satisfaction and pleasure of industrial clients and customers.

Capshare Impex Pvt Ltd is the commercial transporter and distributor of different glass types and packaging materials, including but not limited to – clear float glass (used for modern windows), toughened/tempered (safety glass, used mostly in automobiles, for mobile phones, buildings and structures), annealed (flat), tinted, reflective and laminated glass.


Manufacturing Of Cement


And the scenario is no different, today. Thanks to the modern-civilization and the real-estate boom, the cements/concrete and other building and construction materials would never lose ‘value or demand’ in the market. Cement Manufacturers are at large. However, people involved in construction and/or infrastructural facilities should make sure that they procure high quality cement products and that too from a reliable supplier/trader. And, Indiana Cement Corporation is the right answer for businesses/industries, of their requirement of Cement/Concrete, other masonry suppliers and construction materials.

With vast experience in management of several Construction and Engineering Projects, Indiana Cement Corporation has also been assisting businesses with their projects, starting from the initiative, planning, execution, monitoring, to closing.

Hospitality Sector

The hospitality industry/sector is growing at a fast pace, with plethora of service providers catering to the accommodation, travel and tourism requirements of people across the world. And, based in UAE (the United Arab Emirates), the Sun Power Group is one such conglomerate that is into diversified businesses, inclusive of the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism services.

The Sun Power Group specializes in all the major hospitality segments, including but not limited to travel/tourism, lodging/accommodation, leisure-recreation, food-beverage and transportation.Sun Power Group even helps business clients/customers with travel document consultation, tourist destinations and attractions, specialty travel packages and other hospitality, travel and tourism services.


Automobile Industry


The auto industry (automobile sector) is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, today. From premium vehicle brands, auto manufacturers/companies, vehicle dealers, distributors/traders of vehicle parts and accessories, to vehicle repair and maintenance service providers and other – one in need of automobile products and services, would never be short of options any day.

The Indiana Motors Corporation has deep penetration in different markets/territories and is one of the most trusted names in the global automotive industry for sales and services of automobile and the spare parts and accessories. We believes in creating value in everything. And, through high quality product offerings and services, it ensures creating brand loyalty and improving customer retention rate.


Sun Power Group has managed different commercial, industrial and residential property development projects, comprising (including but not limited to) office buildings, commercial areas, shopping malls, technology centres, industrial parks, bungalows/apartments, skyscrapers and villas. Other than managing real-estate development projects, Sun Power Group even serves the business clients and customers with property inspections and appraisals (land survey, home appraisal etc.).

With years of experience in different real estate development, property management, real-estate investing, flipping and other related sectors/domains, the Sun Power Group is apt for all your real estate project needs.