aboutSun Power Group, a UAE based International Trading Company provides its customers, innovative and best quality products for various industries. Envisioned to be an integrated multinational energy organization, the company has a wide range of products that fuels the momentum of businesses and economies around the globe. Sunpower group’s product basket has in it, various kinds of petroleum products,glass products,cement products,chemical products,fertilizers and automobile products. The company is owned with long and solid business experience and reputation in the field of core industry sector.

The Company has also set its foot in the field of trading and hospitality industries.With a well established network of business relations in the middle east as well as in various regions in the globe, the company has a good knowledge and understanding of its customers and their various needs. With a wide base of suppliers from almost all the GCC nations, and also from European as well as other Asian Countries, gives the company an edge over its competitors and keep it a reliable ally of its valued customers. The quest for quality in customer service is the driving force of the company to improve its existing product ranges constantly and to come up with newer ones with impeccable value additions. It maintains quality products and services at competitive cost, thanks to the right application of advanced technology.

The Sunpower Group deal with all its stakeholders with confidence and pride, with a spirit of mutual respect, trust and openness. Sunpower serves its customers with accuracy, speed, flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness-based on agreed priorities. Every single cell in this fast growing business organization works towards attaining a single goal to be a responsible and active corporate player respecting communities and environments in which it operates. Thus, day by day, Sunpower is extending its growth and strategy towards new horizons, thereby creative progress in the lives of all its stakeholders.


Environment is our responsibility. And as an International Trading Company with diversified businesses in petroleum, construction and other segments, we aim to Save the Earth and Environment by lessening the negative impacts on the nature and society, with the best use of technology.



As an International Trading Company in diversified business services, our goal is to serve businesses and sectors with affordable and high-quality products and services. With a customer-centric approach and rich product portfolio of Oil & Petroleum, Building Material and other industrial products, we aim to meeting the needs and expectations of worldwide businesses in an effective manner.

Companies with us

Sunpower Group includes wide spread brands like Capshare Impex Pvt Ltd, Sunpower Oil & Lubricant CO (LLC), Sunpower Cement and Alliance Petroleum FZE, these companies found their own prominent places in international trades in limited period.These made Sunpower Group to stay on top of corporate industries.