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Toughened glass

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Toughened or tempered glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. Tempering puts the outer surfaces into compression and the inner surfaces into tension.As a result of its safety and strength, toughened glass is used in a variety of demanding applications, […]

Reflective glass

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Reflective glass is glass that has been treated with a metallic coating to allow it to reflect heat. It is not reflective in the sense that it acts as a mirror, although some products do indeed have a highly reflective surface, but rather in the sense that it reflects radiation rather than absorbing it. This […]

Tinted glass

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Its a type of glass that has been treated with a material such as a film or coating that reduces the transmission of light through it. Glass can be tinted with various types of coating, which block and/or reflect different amounts and types of light, according to the needs and preferences of the consumer. One […]

Clear float glass

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Clear Float Glass is superior in quality when compared to other flat glass and has the unique characteristics of excellent surface finishing, flatness, uniform thickness, high optical quality and bright appearance.Float technology has been rapidly replacing plate and sheet facilities worldwide in recent decades. Float glass derives it name from the Float process used where […]